Homes Flattened by Tornado in Rolling Fork, Mississippi

A destructive tornado tore through the small rural town of Rolling Fork, in Mississippi, on Friday, March 24.

Video of the aftermath, filmed by Lloyd Bridges on March 25, shows a street of homes, furniture and cars reduced to a pile of debris.

Llyod told Storyful he and two of his friends chased the storm from Winnsboro, Louisiana, to Rolling Fork, Mississippi, where they captured the footage before helping locals with search and rescue efforts.

At least 25 people were killed and dozens more injured after multiple tornadoes hit western Mississippi, officials said. Credit: Lloyd Lynn Bridges via Storyful

Video transcript


LLOYD BRIDGES: It's peoples homes, man.

- OK, so there's the place, that's where we started last night.

LLOYD BRIDGES: Yeah, that's--

- And then, we worked right--

LLOYD BRIDGES: That's where we're--

- -- and we came straight this way.

LLOYD BRIDGES: I'm telling you, the other street was way worse.


Yeah. That's the house I walked up on you running out of after you pinned up that window so that stroke victim could quit getting rained on. The house down this block up here is where we pulled that dude out of the metal, when he got thrown through his wall.

Over here on the left west, that one right there. That brick one down there. This is horrible.