Honolulu Police Officer Details Ghostly Encounter at Cemetery

The Honolulu Police Department’s annual ghost story video released on Friday, October 27, featured the story of an officer’s visit to the Lin Yee Chung Manoa Chinese Cemetery.

The officer, who is blacked out and has his voice distorted, recalls how while on a call to the cemetery one night he heard children singing. Upon returning to his vehicle, the radio was playing, though no one was in the vicinity of the car. After getting into the vehicle, the officer says, the radio started playing again, and this time he left it on for the perceived ghost.

The video also says the officer always turns up the music on his radio when he drives by the cemetery in case anyone is listening.

The cemetery is believed to be haunted, and a 2003 Honolulu Advertiser article says there’s a burned-out tree there that people believe is a porthole for spirits.

The Honolulu Police Department has been releasing videos detailing ghost stories from its officer each year in time for Halloween. Last year’s video featured ghost stories about Kahuku Station, and an earlier video was about the Alapai Headquarters. The headquarters was built near a cemetery, and the police said numerous paranormal incidents have been reported since it was opened a decade ago. Credit: Honolulu Police Department via Storyful

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