The Hoppings ride we've all been on at least once and have the bruise to prove it!

The Hoppings 2024 is coming to an end on Sunday and there is one ride that you simply must have a go on to get that full Hoppings experience. And if you have ever been on Tagada, you'll know it's affectionately known as 'The Shaker' and you've probably still got the bruises to prove it!

Apart from bits of rain on Friday and Saturday, the weather has been rather kind to this year's event, in stark contrast to the dire conditions that have blighted Europe's largest travelling funfair's visits to Newcastle in the past. The Town moor was bathed in sunshine for the grand opening on June 21, with the opening weekend and early part of this week also a bit of a scorcher for the crowds who flocked to the event.

While 'slightly smaller' than previous years, The Hoppings 2024 was bolstered by the arrival of a 60m big wheel, the largest of its kind in Europe and new white knuckle ride XXl. However, amid all the excitement about those two, there's been an old favourite that's had plenty of people flocking.

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Step forward Tagada. Let's be honest you can't really say you've done The Hoppings fully, until your arms feel like they're going to be pulled out of the sockets from you clinging on for dear life or you've ended up covered in bruises and getting acquainted with a stranger when you've fallen into the middle of the ride, which can only be described as the most brutal and out of control spinning plate.

Never have the words 'scream if you wanna go faster' felt more like a threat than they do when you hear them being shouted during a ride on Tagada, which, by the way, feels like they goes on forever! While not as high as other Hoppings attractions like The Bomber, Air or Atmosfear, Tagada is still a ride that requires a lot of nerve and a strong stomach, as you're sent whizzing round, al while trying not to go flying.

Riders on the Tagada at The Hoppings
Riders on the Tagada at The Hoppings -Credit:Ernest Storey

While I have so far managed to survive Tagada without a boot to the head mid tumble, this reporter may or may not have hat to get a member of staff to clamber to retrieve a debit card a few years ago. Because apparently putting it 'securely' in your pocket still isn't Tagada proof!

The Hoppings without Tagada would be like Ant without Dec and fish without chips - it's quite simply a Town Moor institution.