Horticulture firm boss blasts 'disastrous anti-farming policies' and questions council’s climate change work

A Lancashire commercial plant-grower and greenhouse supplier has accused governments of pushing ‘disastrous anti-farming policies’ and asked Ribble Valley Council if it is ‘blindly following’ well-known climate change science or doing its own research?

Kim Haley, a Ribble Valley horticulture business owner, claimed UK councils and farmers are under pressure and incentives to ‘sign-up to net zero’ – the reduction of carbon Co2 emissions into the atmosphere. Beef and lamb production will fall, and more farmland will bet set aside for non-food production, she claimed.

She highlighted world farmers’ protests and accused governments of being influenced by the World Economic Forum, the United Nations and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).


She spoke at the latest full Ribble Valley Council meeting, saying “Before tonight, I sent everyone a link to a documentary. It contains information that we are not being told or allowed to discuss in the media because openly questioning net zero is becoming a dangerous act. If you can’t question something, it’s propaganda. However, I will be brave.

“More than 50 per cent of councils are now signed-up to net zero. I am concerned about the current plans and policies of this council.

“We live in a rural farming community and it is important to be aware that the government is incentivising farmers to cease farming and threatening removal of subsidies unless they offer part of their land to non-food growing purposes.

“Government-funded research papers, Absolute Zero and C40 Cities, make it clear that the consequences of UN Agenda 2030 will mean reduced beef and lamb production by 2030 and elimination by 2050. This agenda also intends to halt imports and exports by air or sea, whilst reducing airports to just two in the UK.

“Has this been discussed with local farmers and butchers, not to mention the wider community, who will be impacted?

“All this is being planned because of the dangers of Co2 [carbon]. Does everyone here know the percentage of Co2 in the air we breath? It is 0.04 per cent. If it goes to 0.025 per cent, plant growth stops and we will all perish. Do you know that plant growers use Co2 enrichment to increase crop yields in greenhouses? Not the reverse.

“Many scientists are trying to explain the importance of Co2 and the inadequacies of IPCC modelling. But theses scientists are not the ones being funded to support the consensus that ‘must not be questioned’. They are being silenced and censored, and face losing their livelihood and reputation.”

Mrs Haley claimed a former IPCC chief executive had said climate policy has nothing to do with the environment but was, in fact, about wealth redistribution.

She added: “Stalin called the farmers the enemies of people. He expropriated them, took state control of food and starved seven million Russians. Now, 100 years later, the World Economic Forum is opening the war on farmers again via our own government.”

She then asked ‘cui bono’, meaning who is to benefit? She added: “Who is funding this folly? Are you sure you have done your research?”

In reply, Conservative Coun Stephen Atkinson, Ribble Valley Council leader, said:”The council has created a Climate Change Working Group of councillors from all political parties with a wide range of views. I can assure you this group has robust discussions on the council’s approach to climate change and is certainly not blindly following any particular direction.

“When the working group was established, the council had the foresight to include this sentence in its terms of reference – objectives are realistic and within the remit of Ribble Valley Council’s responsibilities and budgetary controls, and that the working group works towards developing and enhancing the economy of the council and ultimately its business sector.

He added: “The working group has developed a climate change action plan which can be viewed on the council website.”

Mrs Haley added: “Thank you for letting me speak. I have been slow-clapped and booed when speaking elsewhere.”

Later in the meeting, councillors discussed the Climate Change Working Group and science.