Hot convict Jeremy Meeks is DEPORTED from the UK

Hot convict-turned-model Jeremy Meeks has been kicked out of the UK ahead of a fashion shoot.

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If you don’t remember the case of the world’s hottest criminal, we’ll be happy to remind you.

Jeremy shot to fame when he was arrested and faced federal gun charges in California in 2014 and his sexy mugshot was posted on Facebook by the Stockton Police Department. The American hunk has also previously served a nine-year sentence for a felony grand theft conviction from 2002.

The below picture went viral and when Jeremy was released from prison in March last year, Hollywood agent Gina Rodriguez snapped him up and set him on a path in the modelling world.

The 33-year-old adonis, from California, has been nicknamed ‘The Blue Eyed Bandit’ and ‘Jail Bae’.

Jeremy Meeks’ infamous mugshot: the face that launched a thousand memes. (Photo: Getty)

Jeremy was given a work visa and letter by his parole officer in order to travel to the UK for a fashion job but was detained by border officials at Heathrow airport after landing with his wife Melissa and manager Jim Jordan on a flight from Los Angeles.

Melissa and Jim waited in an airport restaurant for five hours before being told Jeremy had been sent back to New York. His manager told MailOnline during the fracas: “They wouldn’t let him come into the country. He is really upset. He was police-escorted onto the plane.”

At one point, the married father-of-two filmed himself walking through the airport, saying: “I’m sick of this s***. I’ve been denied. London don’t want me here having served my time. This s*** is crazy.”

Jeremy and Melissa.

He then panned to the officials with him and said: “Escorts, escorts. Don’t make no sense.”

Jim contacted press to raise awareness of Jeremy’s plight and said he will visit the US Embassy for help, adding: “He was on the right track for what we feel was going to be his new life.”


Jim added: “Now he’s very sad. Hopefully this is just a setback and he will be able to come back from this.”

Do you think it is fair Jeremy was deported after trying to turn his life around?

Yahoo Celeb has contacted Jim for comment.