What we know about Rylan's wild new reality show Hot Mess Summer

Rylan forces a bunch of carefree Brits to get their act together

Hot Mess Summer. (Prime Video)
Hot Mess Summer is a reality show with a surprise twist. (Prime Video)

What happens when a bunch of party-loving Brits are forced to face up to the harsh realities of adult life? It’s an age-old question that Prime Video's new reality series Hot Mess Summer aims to answer.

This new series, hosted by Rylan, invites eight of the UK's most notorious sesh-heads to a sunkissed island getaway for some reality-show antics — only there's a big twist and those taking part won’t know what it is until it's too late. How will they react when they discover what they’ve actually signed up for and who will be strong enough to go the whole hog and win big cash prizes?

Here’s everything you need to know about Hot Mess Summer, including its plot, host, release date and more.

When is Hot Mess Summer released?

Hot Mess Summer. (Prime Video)
Hot Mess Summer is released in February 2024. (Prime Video)

Hot Mess Summer is released on Wednesday 7 February 2024 on Prime Video and will consist of six episodes.

Is there a trailer for Hot Mess Summer?

The first trailer for Hot Mess Summer teased an island paradise that looks every bit the perfect spot for anyone who loves to party.

It then introduced us to some fresh young faces who enjoy nothing more than getting wasted and having a good time - something they believed was on the cards for them when they signed up to be part of the particular show.

Only they were sadly mistaken... Find out how they reacted to their new reality by hitting play below.

Who is hosting Hot Mess Summer?

Hot Mess Summer is hosted by Rylan Clark, the 35-year-old presenter and DJ who shot to fame following a stint on The X Factor in 2012.

Rylan will guide each of Hot Mess Summer’s eight contestants through their own personal journeys from red-hot liability to respectable adult, dishing out cash prizes for those who successfully make the transition without having a very public meltdown.

What is Hot Mess Summer about?

Lee and Rylan - Hot Mess Summer. (Prime Video)
Lee and Rylan - Hot Mess Summer. (Prime Video)

Hot Mess Summer is a reality show with a secret. In it, eight nightlife and booze-obsessed twentysomethings have been nominated by their nearest and dearest to take part in what they believe to be a new reality show focusing on their antics on the party island of Zante.

Only it isn’t. Instead, the group have been sent to a sort of anti-partying boot camp where they’ll be required to run one of Zante’s biggest and most popular pool bars instead of soaking up sunshine and booze from the safety of a sun lounger.

They’ll have to work together, dish out drinks to holidaying customers and even clean the toilets to successfully transform themselves from ‘Hot Mess’ youths to respectable adults under the watchful eye of strict bar manager Lee.

If they succeed, Rylan will reward them with cash prizes, with a total of £60,000 up for grabs. However, judging by the show’s first trailer, not all of Hot Mess Summer’s players are ready to put their partying ways behind them.

Hot Mess Summer will be available on Prime Video from Wednesday, 7 February 2024.

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