Hot weekend ahead for Leicestershire say forecasters

Leicestershire is set for a hot weekend, with temperatures peaking at 22 deg C - and there is no rain in sight for the coming days. The latest forecasts from the Met Office indicate that the clear and warm Bank Holiday weekend weather is set to continue this week - once today's clouds have left.

The Met Office predicts that temperatures will be around 20 deg C all this week, with each day being a little warmer than the last. Saturday - when Leicester will host a big screen indoor cinema showing of the Eurovision Song Contest final - is due to be the hottest day of the current stretch of good weather.

The warm weather also comes with a high pollen warning for hay fever sufferers.

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Forecasts show that today (Tuesday, May 7) will be the cloudiest of the week, but temperatures will still hit a peak of 18 deg C. The Met Office says the day will be cloudy but will change to “sunny intervals by early evening”.

It is a similar picture for both Wednesday and Thursday (May 8 and May 9), but cloudier skies are expected to clear earlier on those days. Temperatures will hit around 20C on both days.

Clearer skies will follow for the remainder of the week, hitting the peak on Saturday. The sun will still be out on Sunday (May 12), but the temperature will be marginally lower than Saturday.

The latest forecast for Leicestershire is as follows:

  • Tuesday, May 7: 18C

  • Wednesday, May 8 - 20C

  • Thursday, May 9 - 21C

  • Friday, May 10 - 21C

  • Saturday, May 11 - 22C

  • Sunday, May 12 - 21C

Temperatures will continue to remain warm into next week according to the Met Office. Forecasts suggest 19C is expected for Leicestershire, but there is the potential for light showers across the day.