Hour by hour bank holiday weather forecast for Essex as Met Office predicts warm weather

Hylands Park in Chelmsford
Hylands Park in Chelmsford -Credit:Aaron Crowe/Hylands Park/Go Ape

Essex residents could be treated to some warm weather over the bank holiday weekend. The early May bank holiday provides a perfect opportunity for people to catch up with friends, go and see family or have a relaxing break from work.

There is plenty for people to do across the county whether it's visiting one of Essex's many popular restaurants, a stroll on one of several countryside walks, or visit a pub garden for a drink in the sun. Forecasters at the Met Office are predicting a slight increase in temperature over the long weekend which will come as a pleasant surprise after thunderstorms earlier in the week.

Forecasters at the Met Office say various computer models are disagreeing on the exact track an area of low pressure will take across the southern UK and therefore where will see the worst of any weather. Currently an area of low pressure over central Europe is pushing a plume of warm air from the east across parts of the UK.

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Deputy Chief Meteorologist Mark Sidaway said: “There continues to be uncertainty around the track of a low-pressure system which is expected to cross the southern UK this weekend, meaning there is some uncertainty about some of the forecast details.

"While it will remain unsettled with further showers or longer spells of rain, all areas should see some drier conditions at some point and, in any sunshine, it should feel quite warm. But for the exact details for your area stay up to date with forecast over the coming days."

Scroll down for an hour-by-hour breakdown of the weather forecast for the Bank Holiday weekend.


8am - Sunny, 10C

9am - Sunny, 12C

10am - Sunny intervals, 13C

11am - Sunny intervals, 14C

12pm - Cloudy, 15C

1pm - Cloudy, 15C

2pm - Cloudy, 15C

3pm - Light rain, 15C

4pm - Sunny intervals, 15C

5pm - Sunny intervals, 14C

6pm - Sunny intervals, 14C

7pm - Sunny intervals, 13C


7am - Sunny, 9C

10am - Sunny intervals, 14C

1pm - Cloudy, 16C

4pm - Cloudy, 17C

7pm - Cloudy, 15C

10pm - Cloudy, 11C


7am - Light shower (Day), 10C

10am - Cloudy, 13C

1pm - Cloudy, 14C

4pm - Light shower (Day), 15C

7pm - Light shower (Day), 14C

10pm - Partly Cloudy (Night), 10C

Note: The forecast is accurate at the time of writing on May 3 and is subject to change by meteorologists at the Met Office. All details are correct at the time of writing. and relate to Chelmsford as a central location in Essex.