House Falls Into River Amid Major Flooding Near Yellowstone

Dramatic footage captured a house collapsing into a river in Gardiner, Montana, as “unprecedented flooding” affected southern parts of the state on Monday, June 13.

Casey White recorded the moment rushing water overtook the home in Gardiner on Monday.

According to a GoFundMe page, five families and other individuals lived in the building and “lost everything” that they couldn’t take when they evacuated.

Nearby Yellowstone National Park was hit with mudslides and flooding throughout Monday , prompting the park to close to all inbound visitor traffic for Tuesday and Wednesday.

A bridge on the Yellowstone River was also swept away amid the severe weather event. Credit: Casey White via Storyful

Video transcript


- Oh, my gosh. Ah! Oh, my gosh. Ah, there it goes. That is so sad. Oh. So sad.

- There goes the house.

- I know.

- Whoa. I hope there is [INAUDIBLE].

- Wow.


- Oh, my gosh. Ah!

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