House of Peruvian president raided in search for Rolex watches

Dina Boluarte is under investigation (REUTERS)
Dina Boluarte is under investigation (REUTERS)

Peruvian police have raided the house of president Dina Boluarte to search for Rolex watches.

The 61-year-old had allegedly not declared more than a dozen of the expensive items when she became vice president in 2021 and then took the top job in 2022.

Police used a sledgehammer in the raid on Saturday, which was broadcast on local television channel Latina, and seized her collection of watches.

Officers will now investigate her assets and declarations in a probe ordered by the attorney general Juan Villena.

Ms Boluarte has denied wrongdoing and has said at least one of the watches were bought with cash she had earned in her working life. She has also sought to move the date of a court hearing.

She has made no comment about the latest raid.

Peruvian Prime Minister Gustavo Adrianzen tweeted: "The political noise that is being made is serious, affecting investments and the entire country.

"What has happened in the last few hours is disproportionate and unconstitutional actions."

Peru has been going through a rocky political period. Any possible illicit enrichment will bring further turbulence to the regime of Ms Boluarte, a former lawyer who was elected in December 2022.

The prosecutor's office had tried unsuccessfully last Wednesday to conduct a check of the watches at Ms Boluarte's office, but her lawyers said there was a clash of diary appointments and sought to reschedule the appointment.