Household Cavalry horse seriously injured in London rampage will make full recovery

The escaped Household Cavalry horses ran loose through central London
The escaped Household Cavalry horses ran loose through central London - Paul Grover

A black military horse who was seriously injured after charging through central London is expected to make a full recovery, the British Army has said.

Quaker, who was one of five Household Cavalry horses who bolted during an exercise on Wednesday, is recovering after surgery.

Vida, a grey who was covered in blood, remains under veterinary observation as his wounds heal, the army has added.

Of the four soldiers injured in the incident, two are still in hospital but will make a full recovery.

Two horses underwent surgery

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, on Monday, the British Army said: “Of the soldiers injured, two are still undergoing treatment in hospital but will make a full recovery. The remainder have returned to work. (2/5)

“Two horses underwent surgery. One, Quaker, a Cavalry black, has shown significant improvement and progresses towards what is expected to be a full recovery.

“The other horse, Vida, a grey, continues to make progress. He remains under close and careful professional veterinary observation as his wounds heal.

“We are so thankful for everyone’s concern and expressions of support, and for all those involved in their care.

“Healing takes time - please be patient as we support that process. The soldiers and horses are all receiving the very best of care.”

During preparations for rehearsals for the King’s birthday parade in June, the horses were spooked by builders moving concrete and threw their riders, Lifeguards and Blues and Royals servicemen, while they were leaving Hyde Park Barracks.

The animals charged through the streets, smashing into a double-decker tour bus and a Mercedes-Benz people carrier.

They bolted into Wilton Crescent and then into Belgrave Square, leaving hoof marks in the tarmac, before entering Buckingham Palace Road.