How cold is it going to get tonight?

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Widespread frost is expected across the UK. (PA)
Widespread frost is expected across the UK. (PA)

Some parts of the UK could face their coldest night of the winter on Thursday, with temperatures going as low as -7C in some places, the Met Office has said.

A spokesperson from the Met Office told Yahoo Thursday night the coldest temperatures were predicted in the south of England.

The spokesperson said: "It has been a fairly mild winter so far so it's not really surprising we're going to potentially see the coldest night of the year so far."

Temperatures as low as -7C are predicted in Wales and southern England.

The coldest temperature is predicted to be around Benson, a village in Oxfordshire.

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A shot of a mother with her young boy and girl walking down a residential street, they are wrapped up in warm clothing on a winter's day and carrying tote bags with fresh fruit in.
No snow or rain is predicted to coincide with the cold weather. (PA)

The lowest temperatures are predicted to be in the countryside with towns and cities expected to see -2C.

The cold weather is due to arctic winds from the north and the clear skies which are predicted to last throughout the night.

The spokesperson said: "We're expecting widespread frosts across much of the country with some milder temperatures in the north west of the UK."

He said the cold weather wasn't expected to last long, with milder temperatures expected to return by the weekend.

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He also said there is now snow and rain predicted for most of the UK accompanying the cold weather, with clear dry conditions expected throughout.

Although temperatures are predicted to be milder in the cities, they will still be below or near zero, these are some of the predictions for overnight:

  • London 1C

  • Manchester 0C

  • Birmingham 0C

  • Liverpool 3C

  • Oxford -2C

  • Cardiff -1C

  • Exeter -1C

  • Nottingham -1C

  • Norwich 1C

  • Sheffield 1C

  • Newcastle 1C

  • Leeds 0C

  • Cambridge 1C

  • Glasgow 3C

  • Edinburgh 3C

  • Belfast 5C

  • Southampton -1

  • Lincoln -1C

  • Aberdeen 3C

  • Bristol -1C

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