Huddersfield gastro-pub The 3 Acres new look revealed as part of revamp after fire

The owners of Huddersfield's renowned gastro-pub, The 3 Acres, have unveiled their future plans for the iconic eatery as refurbishment commences following a catastrophic fire on Boxing Day 2023.

Radcliffe Construction, the lead contractor, is set to begin work on the site immediately, undertaking a comprehensive programme of works across the entire building. This includes a total kitchen rebuild as well as plans to restore the much-adored restaurant to its previous splendour.

Tom and Lauren Truelove, the owners, have also revealed plans for eight brand new luxury bedrooms, fresh interior designs, and a revamp of the restaurant's popular Oyster Bar.

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Tom said: "There's been a lot happening since the fire on Boxing Day, and every spare moment has been dedicated to making decisions and creating plans to welcome guests back to the Acres. However, when one chapter ends, another exciting one can begin and myself, Lauren and the team here are excited to share a glimpse into what we've been working on over the past few months.

He further stated: "Firstly, great food and an amazing atmosphere have always been, and will remain, at the heart of The 3 Acres and both will certainly continue when we re-open. We've made a few decisions to refresh our interior schemes in the bar and main restaurant area, whilst being mindful to maintain the age and integrity of what was there before.

The 3 Acres pub suffered serious damage
The 3 Acres pub suffered serious damage -Credit:3 Acres

"We are very keen to ensure that when we welcome our guests back to the Acres, it 'feels' the same with a sense of nostalgic familiarity. We hope to make the bar area an informal space where guests and residents can have a drink in between lunch and dinner."

"Things will still feel familiar, though; most of our infamous memorabilia that has been collected over the last 56 years and adorns the walls and halls of The 3 Acres survived the fire, and will be back taking pride of place to welcome guests back with a warm embrace."

Lauren hinted at potential updates to The 3 Acres menu, as well as changes to the venue's renowned Oyster Bar.

She added: "As a chef and foodie, Tom is naturally very excited about the plans for our reimagined Oyster Bar. We can't say too much yet, but guests can expect a more immersive dining experience in this much-loved corner of the Acres."

"We're also taking the opportunity to evolve our menu a little. Tom and our head chef, Tom Davies, are currently enjoying the process of starting to experiment with old classics and new favourites, whilst ensuring flavour and locally sourced ingredients remain paramount."

The couple also disclosed that they are seizing the chance to redesign eight of the restaurant's bedrooms as part of the project.

Tom detailed: "We're taking the time to knock down a few walls we don't do things by halves to redesign our bedrooms and create cosy and comfortable accommodation that overlooks the rolling hills beyond the Acres."

"Our bridal suite will of course remain for guests who choose to get married with us, and Lauren has been working closely with our interior designer, North Yorkshire based House of Joan, to curate beautiful, luxury schemes for each of our bedrooms, which we'll be sharing more details on soon."

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On the topic of when the venue is likely to re-open, Tom stated: "Believe us when we say that no-one more than us would love to be able to give a set date, but there's still lots to do and we want to get it right."

"Rushing would mean compromising, and that's just not something we're willing to do as a family-run business with a heritage of more than 56 years delivering exceptional hospitality."

"At the moment, we're on track for the first quarter of 2025, but of course we'll share more in due course as we work towards welcoming everyone back to the Acres."