Huddersfield mum with kids in tow finds 'man without clothes' near old Big Baps cafe

-Credit: (Image: YorkshireLive)
-Credit: (Image: YorkshireLive)

A mum and her two children looking for a riverside beauty spot made an unwelcome discovery.

The mum and her two children, aged 10 and 13, had recently moved to Mirfield and had spotted what looked like a nice place for a Sunday afternoon walk just off the M62, near to Brighouse, near to the Cosy Cabin Cafe (formerly Big Baps cafe).

She told YorkshireLive of her horror at what she witnessed - and said the area ought to have warnings signs for unwary visitors. She explained that she had only recently moved to the area and wasn't aware of the reputation of the woodland area behind a layby, which is near a canal and a river.

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"We moved to Mirfield a few months ago and we love that there's lots of walks along the river and the canal. I had kept driving past what looked to be a lovely section of the canal, with some locks and could see people walking along it, but wasn't sure how to access it.

"I had seen the layby a bit further on was always jam packed with lots of cars and so (wrongly) assumed that it was where people were parking up to then access this bit of the river and canal. It was a Sunday afternoon and we wanted to take the kids out for some fresh air so decided to park up in the busy layby and then walk along the path that we thought would meet up with this picturesque bit of the canal.

"There's a well trodden path from the layby, so that looked the way to go and we followed the path but very quickly realised we had stumbled across a place where clearly men go and meet other men for sex.

"There was a man who had taken his own chair and was sat semi-naked (and we think was pleasuring himself) smiling at us. Then another man emerged from the bushes behind him, looking awkwardly at us. As we turned to walk on a different path to quickly leave, before our children saw anything, we found ourselves walking through a carpet of used condoms and baby wipes.

"We then hurried to get back to the main road and our car as we noticed other single men suspiciously stood in the bushes. Clearly, had we known it was a place like this then we would not have gone anywhere near the place.

"Being new to the area, we just naively assumed that the number of cars parked up meant it was another very picturesque and popular part of the river. The shocking thing really is this wasn't at night, this was a sunny Sunday afternoon in the countryside near our home."

The mum, who asked not to be named, posted about her experiences on the Mirfield Matters Facebook page and said: "Since posting on Mirfield Matters I've had lots of messages from people saying they also did the exact same thing. I appreciate that men might want someone to go meet other men, (but) is this really the best place for that?

"If it is, maybe a warning sign needs to be put up to avoid anyone else accidentally taking their children to a dogging site."

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