Huge 'brain butcher' protest planned as victims demand he is brought to justice

Victims of brain butcher neurosurgeon Sam Eljamel are planning a protest to demand he is brought to justice – claiming they feel like they are “on death row”.

For more than five years Police Scotland have been receiving complaints from people who believe they were victims of Eljamel but there has been no suggestion of arrest or charges against him or NHS Tayside.

He now lives in his homeland of Libya, where he continues to work as a surgeon and has been photographed treating children.

Now the victims of Eljamel’s botched surgery, who number more than 170, complain the police only ramped up their investigation following the announcement of a public inquiry into the scandal.

Next week, victims will protest outside Bell Street Police Station in Dundee at the length of time they have had to wait to see if charges will be brought.

Jules Rose and Pat Kelly were the first two victims to report their cases to Police Scotland.

Last night, Jules said: “I, ­alongside 99 other patients who have complained to Police ­Scotland regarding NHS Tayside and Eljamel’s criminality, feel like it is ourselves who are on death row.

“Police Scotland has been kicking the can down the road. There’s been no urgency and ­commitment placed upon this investigation.

“We first reported our cases to the police five years and seven months ago and what I want to know is what were the police doing for the first five years?

“It was only when we were granted a public inquiry last September they then upgraded a one-man band to a major investigation team. However, this has been­ short-lived. This only lasted five months and we are placed at the bottom of the pile again due to officers being pulled off the team to investigate other crimes.

“We need a committed, ­dedicated team who are not going to be pulled off Operation Stringent to go elsewhere. Even a vexatious Hate Crime complaint would be given higher priority.

“Does Eljamel’s butchery, inflicting life-changing injuries, not constitute a ‘serious crime’ in the eyes of the law?”

She added: “Enough is enough.

“We demand that the blue light is continually shone on Operation Stringent until investigations have been concluded and serious decisions are established on the ­criminality.

“We are not prepared to wait any longer. Shame on Police Scotland.”

The protest will take place on Wednesday, May 22.

Pat Kelly, 64, told the Record recently he longs for the neurosurgeon to be jailed for what he has done. But Pat does not feel he will survive to see justice.

He said: “I don’t know how long I have got. Every day my condition is worse.”

Police Scotland spokesman said: “This is an extremely complex investigation which is being investigated by specialist officers from the major investigation team.

“Inquiries remain ongoing and we continue to work ­alongside partner agencies.”

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