Huge Snake Takes at Dip in Backyard Pool

A Queensland family’s backyard pool was off limits for a while recently, when a large python decided to take a refreshing dip.

“There’s a snake in our pool,” Jeremy Santolin’s son can be heard saying, as the family look on.

Santolin told Storyful that the snake “got out of the pool by itself within a few minutes.”

“A professional snake catcher caught the snake in my backyard and released it to a nearby forest,” Santolin said. Credit: Jeremy Santolin via Storyful

Video transcript

- Oh! Oh, he's up.

Oh, he's going in.

- What is he doing?

- I'm not sure if you want to go in there, bro. Oh, no, I hope he can get out. No, I don't think you should go in there. I think you should come back out, my bro. Oh, no.

- Is he gonna drown? Oh, wait, he's right back.

- He probably doesn't like the water.

- What if he goes inside one of our beanbags? You shouldn't have left him out there.

- What is he just takes--

- Oh.

- --[INAUDIBLE] OK, that's not [INAUDIBLE]. Wait, yes it is.

- Oh God.


- Oh, he's in the water.

- I reckon he'll be out to get out. I think he should be strong enough, I think.

- He's in the water.

- It's a massive snake.

- Romy, he's in the water. OK, now, he looks bigger. Now, you can see his-- now, you can--

- Now, you can [INAUDIBLE].

- Now, you can see the full length.

- Excuse me!

- All right, I might have to call someone about this.

- Yeah, call a snake--


- Did it die?

- No, he came out of the pool.

- Where is he going?

- It's by the side of the pool.

- Oh.

- Romy, that'll do. Stay close to me.