Hugh Grant’s Bafta Plaque Dedicated To Colin Firth Is 10/10 Trolling

They famously came to blows in that ridiculous fight scene in Bridget Jones’ Diary, but it seems Hugh Grant might still be holding a bit of grudge against his former co-star Colin Firth.

Hugh, who regularly shares his witty asides and take-downs on Twitter, has brilliantly trolled Colin with a tongue-in-cheek plaque in that very serious of institutions, Bafta.

(L-R) Colin Firth and Hugh Grant (Photo: BeiBei/Shutterstock)
(L-R) Colin Firth and Hugh Grant (Photo: BeiBei/Shutterstock)

(L-R) Colin Firth and Hugh Grant (Photo: BeiBei/Shutterstock)

The actor has dedicated one of the cinema seats in the headquarters of the British Academy Film Awards HQ in London’s Piccadilly to his on-screen rival and honestly, it couldn’t be more Hugh Grant if it tried.

The plaque reads: “In loving memory of Colin Firth. Not dead yet, but looks it. Sponsored by Hugh Grant”.


Last year, one of Hugh and Colin’s Bridget Jones’ co-stars revealed the pair had some company from an unlikely star as they filmed their famous fight scene.

Sally Phillips, who played Shazza opposite Renée Zellweger as Bridget, revealed that Jim Carrey watched on as the pair fought in character as Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver.

She said: “This is them improvising… slapping each other, trying to kick and missing.

“We filmed this scene for a whole week. As you can see we’re not in it very much so we sat in deck chairs and watched Hugh and Colin slap each other for a week.”

Sally then revealed: “And Jim Carrey was there. Renée was dating Jim at that point.

“So he was bigger and taller and harder and fitter than both of them, so I think they were even more embarrassed.”

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