Hugh Hefner was addicted to painkillers, claims his widow

Hugh Hefner's widow has claimed he kept an "earthquake supply of prescription drugs" in his infamous mansion.

Crystal Harris has claimed Hugh was secretly addicted to painkillers and Viagra.

The former Playboy bunny, who was married to Hugh from 2012 until he died in 2017, has revealed her husband first became hooked on painkillers after being prescribed them for back pain.

In her memoir, Only Say Good Things, she alleges Hugh found doctors to help fuel his addiction with monthly refills. His dependency became so great that staff felt the need to step in when he began to become less coherent.

"With so many celebrities dying of overdoses from doctors who gave them endless supplies, people around (Hugh) got more careful, and the opiates had to be given to him like he used to give us allowance - in controlled doses," she wrote.

She also claims Hugh's hearing was "shot" as a result of excessive Viagra use. She wrote Hugh would rather have "given up a limb" than give up Viagra.

She also revealed how Hugh gave her marijuana on the first night they met, before they took part in an orgy. She added that "passing the pot" was a ritual Hugh allegedly liked to partake in with every new woman he slept with.

The pair were married when Crystal was 26 and Hugh was 86. They were due to tie the knot in 2011 but Crystal called off the wedding five days beforehand. They eventually reconciled and got married a year later.

Hugh died in 2017 aged 91. His cause of death was sepsis brought on by an E. coli infection.