Hull City Council local election results 2024 in full as Labour claim Liberal Democrats are 'on notice'

Hull City Council Chief Executive and returning officer Matt Jukes announcing the results
Hull City Council Chief Executive and returning officer Matt Jukes announcing the results -Credit:LDRS

The Liberal Democrats remain in control of Hull City Council following the declaration of local election results this morning (Friday, May 3).

The Liberal Democrats lost a net total of two seats, while the Labour opposition made a net gain of 2 seats in this year's local elections. Liberal Democrat leader Cllr Mike Ross said the results showed the people had put their faith in his party to continue running the council.

Labour leader Cllr Daren Hale said they had put the Liberal Democrats on notice and his party was heading towards retaking control of The Guildhall after losing it in 2022. The final results leave the Liberal Democrats with a total of 31 seats to Labour's 26.


Notable results include Labour gains in Avenue, Derringham and North Carr while the Liberal Democrats took University. No other parties won any other seats.

A third of the council's 57 seats across 19 wards were up for grabs this year.

The full results ward by ward ...

Avenue - Labour GAIN from Liberal Democrats

Alex Hayward (Conservative)- 62

John Graham Robinson (Liberal Democrats)- 1225

James Edward Russell (Green Party)- 296

James Richard Steele (Yorkshire Party)- 42

Michael John Whale (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)- 108

Karen Denise Wood (Labour)- 1330

Beverley & Newland - Liberal Democrats HOLD

Joanna Margaret Mary Collins (Labour)- 851

Otis Edward Griffin (Conservative)- 117

Michael Steven Hirst (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)- 108

Michael James Ross (Liberal Democrats)- 1900

Boothferry - Liberal Democrats HOLD

Alison Jayne Collinson (Liberal Democrats)- 1165

James Lewis Ireland (Labour)- 715

Archie Lamplugh (Green Party)- 115

John Caley Sharp (Conservative)- 127

Bricknell - Labour HOLD

John Logan Fareham (Conservative)- 261

Brian Gilliland (Liberal Democrats)- 521

Rowan Adam Halstead (Yorkshire Party)- 34

Peter Shaun North (Labour)- 1138

Kevin Scott Paulson (Green Party)- 76

Derringham - Labour GAIN from Liberal Democrats

Andy Donegan (Green Party)- 96

George Grozav (Labour)- 1251

Daruis Kirtiklis (Liberal Democrats)- 1041

Mike Whitehead (Conservative)- 108

Drypool - Liberal Democrats HOLD

John Keiron Allison-Walsh (Green Party)- 128

Stephen Paul Hackett (Conservative)- 122

Scott Preston (Liberal Democrats)- 1361

Oscar Roy Seal (Labour)- 541

Holderness - Liberal Democrats HOLD

Stephen Rowland Brown (Conservative)- 95

Jan Hornby (Labour)- 671

Paul Spooner (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)- 102

Linda Elizabeth Tock (Liberal Democrats)- 1331

Ings - Labour HOLD

Mark Richard Bisbey (Liberal Democrats)- 617

Gordon Stuart Bradshaw (Green Party)- 102

Alan David Gardiner (Labour)- 929

Zia Vennoyer (Conservative)- 76

Kingswood - Liberal Democrats HOLD

Ted Dolman (Liberal Democrats)- 739

Sofiya Canay Koch (Labour)- 292

Ash Withers (Conservative)- 96

Longhill & Bilton Grange - Liberal Democrats HOLD

Julia Conner (Liberal Democrats)- 815

Dean Kirk (Labour)- 608

James Richard Sargeant (Conservative)- 75

Tony Smith (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)- 56

Marfleet - Labour HOLD

Sharon Belcher (Labour)- 746

Curtiss Richley Craig (Liberal Democrats)- 205

Geoff Horton (Conservative)- 99

Newington & Gipsyville - Labour HOLD

Daniel Mark Bond (Conservative)- 178

Tracy Marie Dearing (Labour)- 1050

Keith John Smith (Liberal Democrats)- 363

North Carr - Labour GAIN from Liberal Democrats

Martin Robert Baker (Reform UK)- 169

Paul Henry Harper (Labour)- 556

Jan Loft (Liberal Democrats)- 540

Graeme Robert Wightman (Conservative)- 49

Orchard Park - Labour HOLD

John Francis Gilling (Independent)- 169

Rosie Nicola (Labour)- 999

John Rymer (Conservative)- 109

Brian Charles Tompsett (Liberal Democrats)- 324

Southcoates - Labour HOLD

Archie Bartlett (Conservative)- 97

Hester Catherine Bridges (Labour)- 1099

Ian Broadbent (Reform UK)- 250

Brian Gurevitch (Liberal Democrats)- 210

St Andrew's & Docklands - Labour HOLD

Callum Best (Liberal Democrats)- 332

Charles Noel Dinsdale (Conservative)- 123

Daren Russell Hale (Labour)- 1183

Barry John McGrath (Independent)- 112

Sutton - Liberal Democrats HOLD

Jonathan Cahill (Liberal Democrats)- 1465

Rob Dunstan (Labour)- 763

Frankie Marc Williams (Conservative)- 151

University - Liberal Democrats GAIN from Labour

Mark lain Collinson (Liberal Democrats)- 728

Sian Kathryn Humphries (Labour)- 644

Ben Lavender (Conservative)- 58

Clare Elizabeth Wildey (Green Party)- 88

West Carr - Liberal Democrats HOLD

Finn McGregor Anderson (Labour)- 548

Colin Robert Baxter (Conservative)- 116

Joyce Marshall (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)- 95

Tracey Neal (Liberal Democrats)- 992