Hull FC coach Tony Smith confirms Jack Brown talks with club facing battle to keep player

Hull FC have confirmed they are in talks with Jack Brown.
Hull FC have confirmed they are in talks with Jack Brown. -Credit:Getty Images

Tony Smith has confirmed that Hull FC have spoken to Jack Brown about his future. Hull Live reported this Wednesday morning that the 23-year-old prop is a target for other Super League clubs, with the Black and Whites set for a battle to keep the player.

That is going to be the case, with Smith revealing talks are already ongoing with the player and CEO James Clark, with Brown being one of 16 players off contract at the club come the end of the season.

Asked if there has been contact with Brown about his future, Smith said: "He will talk to my CEO, James. He has had discussions, but not with me personally. I'm here to try to get Jack to play well rather than see if he's going to get a contract from me or the club for next year.

"We'll keep talking to Jack and helping him improve. I thought he played one of his stronger games for us last week. That's good. It's good timing. His manager probably wouldn't have said too much if he had a bit of a stinker. Now there are clubs interested in him."

Smith also said that 'talks' have gone both ways, with agents already shopping their clients around as they look for the best deals for the 2025 season and beyond, despite the anti-tampering date being May 1.

"Any player who is off contract next year with a manager, they're talking to other clubs," Smith added. "If you go through the list of all the players off contract at our place, their managers are talking to clubs elsewhere, and all the players off contract at every other club are talking to us.

“We’ll work through it, and we'll offer contracts accordingly. Some players we're going to be able to keep, and some we won't. Some we will want to, and some we won't.

"We're in April now, and I don't know how many of my players who are off contract want to get judged at the moment based on their form. I think most of the guys that are off-contract want to get a bit of form before they come knocking on the door for next year. There are logical times."

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