Hull Prison inmate viciously punched officer after being told to go back to his cell

Tynam Moses, pictured outside Hull Crown Court
Tynam Moses, pictured outside Hull Crown Court -Credit:Hull Live

A bad-tempered prisoner became "abusive and argumentative" during a heated confrontation inside Hull Prison before viciously punching an officer who had ordered him to go back to his cell.

The attack was sparked after the fired-up inmate, Tynam Moses, hurled a "nasty" insult at a female prison officer during a disturbance. He refused to go back to his cell and lashed out at the other prison officer, hitting him on the nose and causing a deep cut, Hull Crown Court heard.

Moses, 22, admitted assaulting the prison officer, causing actual bodily harm, on September 14, 2022.


Timothy Jacobs, prosecuting, said that Moses was, at the time, serving a sentence in Hull Prison. The prison officer did not usually work on B Wing but he was deployed to do so that day.

During the day, there were a number of incidents of friction and disagreement between him and Moses. Words were exchanged between them and Moses told the officer: "If I wanted to swing at you, you would know about it."

On another occasion, Moses said that it did not matter what the prison officer thought about rules and regulations because he did not work on that wing. At 4.10pm, the officer was serving tea on the landing.

"He was aware of the defendant being abusive and argumentative with another two officers," said Mr Jacobs. Moses particularly targeted a female prison officer and he made a nasty comment about her.

The prison officer who did not normally work there went to help in what was going on. Moses was ordered to return to his cell. "He refused that order," said Mr Jacobs.

The prison officer tried to usher him towards the stairs and he put him in a guided hold to usher him back to his cell. Moses stopped and said: "Don't touch me. Get your f***ing hands off me."

Moses was 6ft 4in and heavier and much taller than the prison officer. "There was a further display of resistance and a further display of aggression," said Mr Jacobs. The prison officer tried to use control and restraint techniques but these were unsuccessful.

Moses threw the man backwards and punched him on the left side of his nose, causing a deep cut. The prison officer had no recollection of this and the next thing that he remembered was being laid out on the floor.

"He could feel blood on his face," said Mr Jacobs. Moses was eventually removed from the scene by another member of staff. The injury was so serious that it could not be treated in the prison and the man was told to go to Hull Royal Infirmary, which he did later that day.

Stitches were put in his nose and a follow-up appointment was made for them to be removed. The man later said that he had trouble sleeping.

Moses refused to attend for interview. He had previous convictions including three for assault causing actual bodily harm in January 2018, when he had been given a referral order by a youth court.

He had been serving a sentence of five years and nine months, imposed at Leeds Crown Court in March 2019, at the time of the Hull Prison incident. He was released in January 2021 but he was returned to custody just two weeks later until December 12, 2022, when he was released. He had been recalled to custody at the time of the assault.

Arron Payne, mitigating, said that 15 months had passed since the assault incident and Moses had done a lot of maturing since then and there was an absence of any more convictions. "He takes full responsibility for his actions," said Mr Payne.

Moses had lost his mother and his grandmother. "He has struggled to regulate his emotions," said Mr Payne. "Now he has his own property, where he feels happy and settled."

Moses told the court that he was doing a bit of landscape and joinery work. "I want to do catering and have my own business eventually in the future," he said.

Moses said of the assault: "I just feel disappointed in myself. The whole time, I have never had anything like this with an officer. Whatever happened, happened and all I can is apologise for what happened. I wouldn't wish that on him.

"Since leaving prison, I haven't really done anything. I have been just keeping myself to myself."

Moses, of Coule Royd, Dalton, Huddersfield, was given a 14-month suspended prison sentence, 120 hours' unpaid work and 20 days' rehabilitation.

Judge Mark Bury told him: "I don't have to send you back to prison. I am going to give you a chance."