Hulu to launch 'Virgin Island' dating show that definitely won't go terribly wrong

couple relaxing at island resort
couple relaxing at island resort

After years of LGBTQ+ fans begging for queer versions of reality dating shows like Love Island, we're finally getting a new take on the aggressively heteronormative format with the introduction of... uh, Virgin Island?

Hulu is sending a new crop of camera-ready singles to look for love with the help of ITV America, which produced Love Island USA and Queer Eye, and Plimsoll Productions.

Not too much is known about it as of yet, although it does appear the UK has been trying to get a similar show (which started off with the same title and later rebranded as The Intimacy Retreat) off the ground, but has struggled to find contestants.

Maybe the idea here is that puritanical USA will have better luck attracting hot virgins — or at least people willing to claim to be virgins to get on TV.

It admittedly sounds like a godawful idea for so, so many reasons, including the likelihood that the concept of asexuality will be butchered, if addressed at all.

All iterations of Love Island, to which this is expected to draw obvious comparisons, have faced criticism for the lack of intentional LGBTQ+ inclusion. Sure, there are LGBTQ+ contestants on the show every now and then, but the format has couples pairing up one man and one woman week-to-week.

It's unclear just how similar the format for Virgin Island will be, but the separation of "straight" reality dating shows from queer reality dating shows suggests we don't have any huge strides to look forward to here. That said, the application does ask potential contestants whether they "date men, women or both." It also asks for clarification on whether applicants are virgins or "born-again" virgins.

This sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen, although that seems to be the goal with a lot of reality TV anyway, so guess we'll all just have to find out the hard way!