'Humza Yousaf and SNP drama will not fix public services'

Humza Yousaf insisted yesterday he’s going nowhere and fully intends to continue as First Minister. But he knows the fate of his political career is out of his hands.

The SNP leader faces not one but two votes of no confidence – one in him, the other in his government.

The latter motion has been brought forward by Labour and could be the most dangerous for the SNP. If the ­Scottish Government loses a confidence vote, all ministers must immediately resign.

There would then be a 28-day period in which MSPs could try to form a new administration. But the immediate effect would be Yousaf’s days as First Minister would be over.

If squabbling MSPs at Holyrood fail to come up with a working government, the likely end result would be a Holyrood election being called.

At least this would give the public a chance to decide on who they want to run the Scottish Government.

If politicians can’t provide us with a workable government, then something has to give. Our hospitals, schools and roads all need urgent attention yet our politicians at Holyrood are providing none of the radical action we need.

A lot has changed since Nicola ­Sturgeon’s final election victory in 2021.The SNP has changed leaders and the Greens have come and gone from government.

But the challenges facing our public services remain. Too much energy is being spent debating who should run the ­government, instead of how the ­government should fix things.

It can’t remain in paralysis.

Scots won’t stand for a prolonged row between politicians when so much needs to be fixed.

Good luck to him

THE return of the King to ­frontline royal duties is a remarkable feat given he is still receiving treatment for cancer.

Families of those affected by these illnesses will know well the toll it can take.

Many people never get back to their old self and the treatment itself can be a punishing ordeal.

So at the age of 75, the King’s decision to get back to work gives hope to others affected by serious health conditions.

Among his first tasks is a visit to a centre where vital research is taking place into new treatments for cancer.

If he can highlight the vital work going on into finding a cure for cancer he will be doing us all a favour.

More importantly, if the King’s plight can translate into extra funding for this research, we will all benefit.

There are few families in Scotland untouched by this cruel illness so in this battle we wish him well.

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