'Hundreds' of Aston Villa fans evacuated at Villa Park during Olympiacos game

Aston Villa supporters in the Holte End lower L2 block were told to leave their area of the stand so medics could attend to an incident during half-time of Aston Villa's Europa Conference League clash with Olympiacos.

A fan at tonight's match told BirminghamLive there was "loads of police" and an ambulance was brought pitch side. A sign on the stadium read: "Can all supporters please clear Holte Lower L2 immediately."

The public announcer told fans, "supporters must clear Holte End lower L2 immediately" to allow paramedics to reach the incident. Shortly after, an ambulance backed up between the Holte End and the Doug Ellis Stand.

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As medics walked down the stairs with the patient, Villa and Olympiacos fans both clapped the medical team.

The public announcer then said: "We'd like to thank the medical staff for their prompt assistance this evening."

With the start of the second half delayed, TNT Sports presenter Jules Breach said: "Just to let you know, the reason that the second half hasn't got underway yet is because there has been a medical emergency in the stands, and there was a sign that went up just behind us that said to clear the Lower Holte L2 area.

"It has now been cleared of all the fans, but there has been a cardiac arrest, and we're hearing that there is going to be a short delay to the second half."

TNT Sports reporter Becky Ives then joined the broadcast from pitchside, and said: "Unfortunately right on the stroke of half-time the medical emergency happened. I was down the tunnel and the emergency services moved very quickly.

"They moved quickly to remove fans from the lower tier of the Holte End on the left hand side. There have been quite a few discussions going on as to how long the game will have to be halted for as the fan is moved into the waiting ambulance. Obviously we wish the fan all our good wishes and the health of the fan comes first."

As supporters continued to applaud, both sets of players emerged to the start the second half, with Villa 2-1 down from the first half.

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