Hundreds attend Kosher Food Festival in Berlin

Hundreds attend Kosher Food Festival in Berlin

Hundreds of people attended the Kosher Food Festival in Berlin on Sunday, despite Iran's overnight attack on Israel.

The Jewish community group, Chabad, organised the event to respond with a “positive spirit” to the ongoing situation in the Middle East, inviting all residents of the German capital to get a taste of Jewish life.

In the face of an unprecedented attack by Iran on Israel involving hundreds of drones, ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, people considered cancelling the festival.

But Chabad chairman, Yehuda Teichtal, said it was more important than ever that events like these go on.

“Now more than ever, bring people together, create tolerance, awareness,” he said. “Through food, we come together."

Jewish and Christian Berlin residents lined up together to eat kosher falafel or meat wraps, bread and wine.

“Food connects, food builds bridges,” explained Giorgio Paolo Mastropaolo, a Hamburg resident who came to Berlin just for the festival.

“And I think we should do even more to build bridges and connections, especially when everything outside is turbulent."