Hundreds who fled violence stranded in Port Sudan

STORY: It's been a month since Sudan's sudden eruption into violence.

Hundreds of thousands have been displaced by bombings and gunfire, mainly from the capital Khartoum.

But for many still stranded in the coastal city Port Sudan, they're now facing extreme heat and a lack of water and shelter.

Among them on Sunday (May 14), was Reem.

"We came from war, and we're staying here in this heat, this is not healthy for these children, we're unable to do anything, and none of the entities are helping. Please help us. Humanitarian organizations, please help us - not for us, but for the sake of these children. We have pregnant and sick elderly women, we have people whose health could get worse."

Stranded families have been sleeping inside tents they’ve built from blankets or huddling in shaded areas as they try to escape the intense sunlight.

Meanwhile, the violence they fled continues back in Khartoum.

Intense clashes have continued in the capital and its sister cities Bahri and Omdurman despite Saudi and U.S.-brokered talks between the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces.

On Monday (May 15), the Sudanese army was carrying out airstrikes in Khartoum's north, targeting paramilitary forces around a hospital.

Footage released by the Rapid Support Forces appeared to show extensive damage at the hospital. The location could be independently verified, but not the date.

Most hospitals in the capital have already been put out of service.

The bloodshed has killed at least 676 people and injured 5,576 according to official figures - though the real toll is expected to be much higher.