Hungry Black Bear Caught Picking Apples on Camera

A hungry black bear was caught picking apples from a backyard tree in Georgetown, California, on November 3.

Ring camera footage by Dayna Hawes shows the bear inspecting the tree while standing on its hind legs. It then climbs up the tree and begins shaking it to knock down the apples.

Hawakes said the camera was originally pointed elsewhere in the yard, but after catching bears on camera the prior two nights, she decided to point the camera at the tree.

According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, fall is when black bears enter into a temporary state known as hyperphagia, or a feeding frenzy.

During hyperphagia, bears can be very focused and persistent about getting food. They often spend most of the day trying to eat, which makes them more vulnerable to interaction with people. Credit: Dayna Hawes via Storyful

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