Husband Discovers Wife Is Cheating In Snapchat Message - But Is It A Hoax?

A husband decided to call in the solicitors after he caught out his wife cheating when she sent him a saucy Snapchat message.

The woman in the picture, known only as Chelsea, sent a picture of herself in a hotel room to her husband for a treat.

After one naked shot, Chelsea sent another one with the caption: “One more before bed.”

However, her husband apparently worked out his wife was cheating when he saw something unexpected on the floor.

We say “apparently” because the whole thing smacks of a hoax for hits.

Anyway, the husband supposedly sent a text demanding to know who was in the hotel room with her.

Chelsea responded that her camera was on a timer and that’s how she took the picture.

But the man spotted something else - a pair of boots on the floor that definitely did not belong to his wife.

He sent her a text saying: ”Stop lying Chelsea, I know you’re not alone in that hotel room.“

Chelsea replied: "Yes I am! I swear, baby, you know I would never cheat.”

Revealing the undeniable evidence, the man fired back: ”They why the **** are there MEN’S BOOTS in your second Snapchat?

"I can’t go through this again. I’m calling a lawyer.”

However, the story seems a little too good to be true - there are no sources for the pictures, which appeared online mysteriously out of the blue.

Call us sceptics but we’re not sure the first thing you do when you make divorce plans is reveal the intimate details of the break up…

Pics: Snapchat