Hyson Green dad threatened to 'bodybag' on-off girlfriend in chilling messages

The case was heard at Nottingham Crown Court
-Credit: (Image: Nottingham Post)

A Nottingham father with a history of violence against women subjected his on-off partner to a catalogue of horrific abuse. During it, Shadrach Pennant told the victim he was going to “bodybag” her, kidnap and rape her and “make sure she got everything she deserved” from him.

In a series of chilling voice messages, played at Nottingham Crown Court, the defendant, of Hyson Green, told how he was “a real gangster,” “a ragamuffin” and would “punch her face out”. In a victim impact, the woman, who bravely attended the court hearing this week, told how she fears she will die at Pennant’s hands and needs to move her and their son away from the city to somewhere he won’t be able to find them.

And Judge James Sampson, who was due to sentence the 37-year-old this week, said he was so concerned at how violent he could be that he wanted him assessed by experts to determine if he is, in the eyes of the law, “dangerous”.

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Jon Fountain, prosecuting, said Pennant and the victim had been in an on-off relationship since 2016 and have an eight-year-old son together. He said in April of last year, after they had been apart for some time, he contacted her about getting more regular access to the boy and they began to see each other again.

The prosecutor said: “She said at first things were alright but then became abusive and threatening centred around him being paranoid she had been unfaithful. He left his phone in a taxi surreptitiously recording a conversation between her and the taxi driver.

“Whenever she went back to his flat he would sniff at her and by July 2023 he was sending her threatening text messages.”

Mr Fountain said: “In one he said he would ‘merk’ her, that being slang for killing her. He threatened to rape and kidnap her and in another message he said ‘I am going to make sure you get all you deserve.”

The prosecutor said Pennant, of St Paul’s Avenue, also left the victim voice notes, some of which he played to the court. In one, the defendant said: “I like fighting, I like beating up people. Please recognise the real from the fake, a real man, a real gangster, because that’s what I am."

There was then an argument between them in which he put his arm across her face shouting he was going to bodybag her. Pennant pleaded guilty on the first day of what was supposed to be his trial, to controlling and coercive behaviour. He has 11 previous convictions for 27 offences including “a history of violence against women,” Mr Fountain said.

He read out the woman’s victim impact statement. In it she said: “I was petrified knowing what he was capable of. I need to leave Nottingham behind because of what Shad has done to me.

“He is obsessed with me, he can’t leave me alone, I feel the only way to feel safe is to leave Nottinghamshire and move somewhere Shad does not know.”

Pennant will be sentenced on September 6. He was remanded into custody by Judge Sampson until then.