Iain Duncan Smith criticises Rishi Sunak's policy on China

In an exclusive Channel 4 News interview, former leader of the Conservative Party, Sir Iain Duncan Smith, launched a stinging rebuke to Rishi Sunak's new policy of "robust pragmatism" towards China. Speaking to Channel 4 News, Sir Iain, who is sanctioned by the Chinese government, compared the new policy to the appeasement of the Nazis in the 1930s, saying that it means: "kind of anything you to want it to mean". He added "I don't know what more you need as evidence that they now become a threat. But instead of which, as we watch all of this, we even see a BBC journalist being beaten up and dragged away from the protests. And on the very day we see all of that the government comes out with its robust pragmatism, which I think to most people out there means kind of anything you want it to mean, and that sounds to me like getting pretty close to appeasement.".