Ian McShane reflects on 'ridiculous' Game of Thrones backlash

Ian McShane doesn't engage with social media credit:Bang Showbiz
Ian McShane doesn't engage with social media credit:Bang Showbiz

Ian McShane thinks the backlash he received from 'Game of Thrones' fans was "ridiculous".

The 81-year-old actor appeared in season six of the HBO fantasy show, but he upset many fans when he suggested that the series largely centred on nudity and "dragons".

Reflecting on the backlash, Ian told The Independent: "It was ridiculous. It was one remark!

"The creators of the show loved it because it just gives it more publicity. I didn’t even think about it at the time because I’m not on social media.

"Everybody’s a critic now. Everybody thinks they know best because they can write anonymously on social media."

Ian began working as an actor more than 60 years ago, and he's experienced a lot during his time in the business.

The actor - who grew up in Manchester, north-west England - said: "I’ve watched a lot of my friends drop off along the way the last few years.

"It’s emotional, when you suddenly read about people you grew up with in the business popping their clogs, as we say in Lancashire. But life goes on.

"Art goes on. Films keep being made. And I love movies. The whole process of talking to people, going on a film set. It can still be very exciting … or it can be a disaster."

Meanwhile, Ian previously bemoaned the lack of opportunities for working-class actors in the UK.

The 'John Wick' star suggested that a young actor would now struggle to repeat his own success in the movie business.

He told the Radio Times: "The only way to make it is to hope that you are cast as a northerner in an independent movie or go into 'Coronation Street' and work your way out. For a lot of kids there are no grants for drama school."