Ian Murray says Stephen Flynn 'thinks he is already the First Minister'

Ian Murray has said Stephen Flynn "thinks he is already the First Minister".

The Labour Shadow Scotland Secretary said the SNP Westminster leader was "calling the shots but shooting himself in the foot."

Flynn spoke to Humza Yousaf the day before he ended the Bute House Agreement.

The fallout after that decision led to his resignation as First Minister, but Flynn has denied he played a part in his downfall.

Flynn has also ruled himself out of the contest to become SNP leader.

Murray was speaking during Scotland Questions in the House of Commons on Wednesday morning.

He said: "The truth is that Scotland is trapped between two chaotic and failing governments. We've had three prime ministers and we will have had three first ministers in as many years.

"All the while, the member for Aberdeen South [Flynn] thinks he is already the first minister by calling the shots but shooting himself in the foot.

"What is abundantly clear to the people of Scotland is that neither the Scottish or UK Governments are even interested in delivering the change that Scotland needs.

“With neither Government wanting to let the people decide, can the Secretary of State tell the House who he thinks is more scared of a general election – the Tories or the SNP?”

This was met with a shout of "bring it on" from the SNP benches.

Tory Scotland Secretary Alister Jack replied that Nationalist MPs should “polish up” their CVs with a general election approaching.

He said: “We absolutely do not fear an election, whether it is a Holyrood election or a general election. As I watch the nationalists implode again, I say bring it on.

“I hear them say bring it on from a sedentary position, bring it on, yes bring it on. And chaps over there and chapesses start polishing up your CV.”

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