Iceland volcano eruption 260ft high: Tech & Science Daily podcast


A volcano on Iceland’s south-west peninsula has erupted for the second time this year, firing lava 260ft into the air.

The blast began at about 6am along a two-mile fissure near Mount Sundhnukur.

The Icelandic Meteorological Office says intense earthquake activity began about half an hour before the eruption.

A study by University College London finds drugs commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction may help reduce male risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Researchers found men prescribed such medications impacting blood flow, including Viagra, were 18 per cent less likely to develop Alzheimer’s years later, compared to participants not taking the pills.

Fortnite-maker Epic Games and Disney announce an “all-new games and entertainment universe”.

They say it will mean characters from Disney’s vast catalogue being brought into the hit mobile game, including Marvel and Star Wars.

On 8 April, day will become night in North America for four-and-a-half minutes during a total solar eclipse - twice as long as the last event seven years ago.

An estimated 44 million people from Mexico to Newfoundland will witness the phenomenon as the moon blots out the sun.

You can hear advice on how to experience it safely.

The longest-surviving heart transplant patient has been recognised by Guinness World Records.

Bert Janssen, 57, from the Netherlands, has survived 39 years with a car crash victim’s donor heart he received at London’s Harefield Hospital in an operation carried out by transplant pioneer Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub.

Plus, record hottest January, AI sabre-rattling, NAO’s post-Covid fraud warning and Antarctic penguins monitor sailors picking up rubbish.

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