Icelandic storm predicted within days as snow set to hit parts of the UK

Snow has been predicted by WX Charts
Snow has been predicted by WX Charts -Credit:Reach

Brits could be in line for a major low-pressure system hitting over the next week, according to WX Charts. It has been predicted toward the end of Saturday, April 27, next weekend, with rain and snow expected to fall on Sunday (April 27).

Forecasters said the low-pressure system appears to originate off the south coast of Greenland and heads east to Iceland on Friday, April 26. As the day progresses into Saturday, the weather system has been forecast to move directly to the UK.

An initial burst of rain has been forecast from around 12pm on Saturday (April 27), mainly affecting Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. In the most extreme cases, up to 1cm of rainfall has been predicted to fall every hour, reports the Daily Mirror.

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Experts at WX Charts have predicted that by Sunday, the eye of the low-pressure system will be directly between Northern Ireland and Scotland. Snow has been predicted, with more than 4cm per hour expected in the middle of Scotland.

Forecasters at the Met Office confirmed that low pressure was likely to become more dominant between Thursday, April 25 and Saturday, May 4. Conditions will be 'turning generally more unsettled' in Coventry and the West Midlands.

Forecast for Coventry and Warwickshire

Today: Skies are often cloudy compared with Saturday (April 20) though sunny spells breaking through at times, says the Met Office.

Tonight: Some late-evening sunshine on offer though cloud thickening overnight with some rain and drizzly outbreaks during the early hours of the morning, says the Met Office.

Monday: Temperatures remain below average and it will feel a little chilly in the breeze and under cloudy skies, says the Met Office.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday: It will be remaining largely settled for the remainder of the week, though mostly cloudy with occasional showers possible on Tuesday. Otherwise, it is mostly dry with some sunny spells, says the Met Office.

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