An Iconic '00s Shop Is Returning To High Streets Across The UK

Four years after closing due to collapsing into administration, HMV is set to reopenits Central London store later this year with an updated logo and under the name “HMV Shop”. The chain also plans to retrofit 14 existing shops and open 24 new sites under this new concept. 

However, it won’t quite be the HMV we know and love. In fact, it might be better.

What is HMV Shop?

As CD and DVD sales continue to nosedive, the HMV Shop concept focuses instead on merchandise, music technology, live music and in-store signings. 

The first store featuring and trialling this concept was the Solihull branch which opened on the 100th birthday of HMV in 2021. Since then, in the past year alone, major artists like Charli XCX, Stormzy and Ellie Goulding have done in-store signings.

Fan-Focused Pop Culture 

Live music and signings will likely be particularly popular with younger fans and upcoming generations as studies show that Gen Z are looking to connect more deeply with music and artists

This is another positive for the previously struggling retailer. After going into administration in December 2018, the iconic chain was saved by Sunrise Records in 2019 and despite the difficulties the high street faced due to Covid-19, the brand first announced the opening of 10 new shops in Summer of 2021. 

Speaking to The Mirror, Doug Putman, owner of Sunrise Records said: “The expansion of our fan-focused pop culture offer is really working for us and the reopening of our flagship represents the culmination of a good few years of hard work.”

He also added that HMV is looking to expand into Europe, too.