Iconic Glasgow Tower Records building saved by Blue Lagoon owner

The owner of Blue Lagoon has purchased the 'iconic' former Tower Records building in the city centre.

Plans include renting out the ground floor to a business while the upper floors could become offices. But the premises will not be used by the well known fish and chip shop.

The B-listed property at 217 Argyle Street was once the site of a famous 1995 Bon Jovi concert and was also home to Tower Records until it closed in 2002.

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Other businesses moved in and out of the building afterwards but it has now lain empty for more than a decade.

Blue Lagoon director Alessandro Varese said: the plan is to "bring the building back to life which is great for the area and the city centre in general. It has been closed and empty for so long, which is a shame considering how iconic the building is and how beautiful it is."

He added: "Once we knew it was up for sale it sparked our interest. We thought 'let's give it a go.'"

Mr Varese said the historic building is in "decent shape" with "nothing major" needed to get it operational again.

The Venetian style warehouse has been listed on the Buildings at Risk Register.

A statement from Blue Lagoon Fish & Chip Shops said: "The building is iconic in the city and it has been regrettable that it has been empty for long over a decade.

It added: "We see the property as a sleeping giant with lots of potential.

"We have a tenant lined up for the ground floor which will be confirmed in due course and we are still assessing our options with regards to the upper floors."

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