Stunning images turn world’s most iconic landmarks into tiny toy scenes

Andy Wells
·Freelance Writer

These incredible images show some the world’s most iconic landmarks appear as if they are miniature toys.

The magnificent Machu Picchu, Paris's imposing Eiffel Tower and the impressive Houses of Parliament in London all look like mini-models of themselves.

Despite looking like toys, the pictures are all of the genuine landmarks – but they were all photographed using a special technique used mainly in architecture known as tilt shift.

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The altered images can make the subject seem smaller and farther away than reality – making it seem almost like a child's toy.

People in and around them look like tiny figures.

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Professional photographer Richard Silver from New York travelled across 94 countries and visited around 350 cities taking at least one image in each.

He said: "Back in about 2006 I saw a photographer Olivo Barbieri in an article about tilt shift photos he took in Italy, I was blown away at how cool it was and wanted to learn how to do it."