Tropical Storm Idalia full coverage: Downgraded storm barrels through Southeast U.S.

Idalia, which made landfall Wednesday in Florida, was moving east toward the Atlantic Ocean on Thursday.

Tropical Storm Idalia continued to barrel through the southeastern U.S. on Thursday after it made landfall as a powerful Category 3 storm in Florida, leaving three people reportedly dead in its wake.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Idalia was moving east toward the Atlantic Ocean and will move offshore the North Carolina coast later Thursday.

Despite Idalia's downgrade to tropical storm status as it made its way across southern Georgia, forecasters continued to warn of potentially dangerous storm surges, as well as tornadoes and more flooding in the Carolinas.

In Florida, local authorities said two men died in separate weather-related car crashes on Wednesday as Idalia struck the state. In Georgia, a local sheriff said a Good Samaritan who was helping deputies clear debris from a road was killed by a falling tree.