IDF on 'High Alert' After Iran Launched Hundreds of Drones and Missiles

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said it was still on high alert on Monday, April 15, after more than 350 drones, missiles and rockets were launched by Iran.

Israel said it and allies had intercepted 99 per cent of the weapons which were launched overnight on April 13 – 14.

“We are still on high alert and assessing the situation. Over the last few hours we approved operation plans for both offensive and defensive actions,” IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari said.

The IDF also lifted the Home Front Command restrictions it had put in place.

Restrictions on gatherings of more than 1,000 people were lifted, allowing sporting events and concerts to go on as originally planned. Credit: Israel Defense Forces via Storyful

Video transcript

- Last night, a defensive coalition of Israel and its international partners successfully thwarted a large scale attack from Iran. Iran and its proxies launched over 350 suicide drones, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles and rockets from Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Hezbollah in Lebanon towards Israel. With approximately 60 tons of warheads and explosive materials. But the threat from Iran was met with the aerial, operational, technological and intelligence superiority of a united defensive coalition of international allies led by the United States, together with Great Britain, France, and other partners in the region. Together, we intercepted 99% of the threat towards Israel.

Together we thwarted Iran's attack. Iran's unprecedented attack was met with an unprecedented defense. This was the first time that such a coalition worked together against the threat of Iran and its proxies in the Middle East. Even while under attack from Iran, we have not lost sight, not for one moment, of our critical mission in Gaza. To rescue our hostages from the hands of Iran's proxies, Hamas. Of our moral duty to do everything we can to bring back home 133 hostages.

Hamas recently rejected the hostage release proposal offered to them by the mediators. Hamas and Iran want to ignite the Middle East and to escalate the region. We are still on high alert and assessing the situation. Over the last few hours we approved operational plans for both offensive and defensive actions. We will continue to protect the state of Israel and together, with our partners, we will continue to build a more secure and stable Middle East. Thank you.