Ikea Sues Over Fake ‘Nazi Table’ In The Shape Of A Swastika

Furniture giant Ikea are planning legal action after a fake photograph of a table shaped like a swastika was said to have been included in their Italian catalogue.

The picture of the table, with a design that alludes to Nazi Germany, quickly went viral after it surfaced on the Internet.

However, the company have categorically denied the picture is genuine.

A spokesman said: “It is of course clear that such a table is not part of our program, either in Italy or anywhere else.”

The table was shown to be on sale for the 88 Euros - a hint that the story might be a hoax as 88 is known in Nazi circles as a short way of saying “Heil Hitler”.

Hoax: Ikea categorically denied the table was part of their range (Geograph)

However, it did not stop the reports of the "Hadolf”-table spreading, and the furniture chain warned that legal consequences would be brought against the person who created the fake photograph.

This is not the first time that Ikea has been involved in hoaxes linked to the Nazi party.

Founder, Ingvar Kamprad, was reportedly an active recruiter for a Swedish Nazi group, and stayed close to sympathisers well after World War II.

The Swedish billionaire has said his involvement was youthful “stupidity”, and the “greatest mistake” of his life.

Top pic: CEN