Illinois Police Use Cruiser Lights in Gender Reveal for Officer's Baby

Police in Charleston, Illinois, helped a couple learn the gender of their first baby with the help of a patrol car’s lights.

Footage from the Charleston Police Department shows Josh Meers, an officer with the force, and his partner Savannah, standing in front of a cruiser. A man can be heard explaining that if “Baby Meers” is a girl, the cruiser lights will flash pink. If the baby is a boy, they will flash blue.

Shortly thereafter, the blue light on the cruiser comes on and blue confetti is fired out of the front of the vehicle.

“Special thanks to our technician Brian Huston for customizing our lights for this special announcement,” police said. “Congratulations to the Meers family on their first child!!” Credit: Charleston Illinois Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript


- All arise for our gender reveal. Make a little noise.


Get set. If little baby bear is a girl, you will see a pink light.

If little baby bear is a boy, you will see a blue light.

Put your hands together for [INAUDIBLE]. Let's go make some noise.


Little baby bear is--



- Congratulations.