Illinois Police Officers Rescue Drowning Mother and Child From Frozen Pond

Two police officers in Illinois were injured on Wednesday, November 23, after they helped rescue a mother and her child who fell through ice into a pond.

Body cam footage released by the Aurora Illinois Police Department shows officers rushing to the scene around 4:30 pm following a report of a 9-year-old boy who had fallen through ice into a retention pond, along with the child’s mother who went in attempting to save her son.

The boy had walked onto a frozen section of the retention pond to retrieve a football when he fell through the ice into the cold water, according to police.

Multiple officers deployed water rescue kits while two officers swam to save the drowning child and the woman who were in the water.

In a combined effort, officers were able to safely return to land with the boy and his mother. The child sustained minor injuries and was taken to an area hospital while the two officers also sustained minor injuries and were taken to a hospital. Credit: Aurora Illinois Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript

- 911. What's the address of your emergency?

- We have a person drowning.

- Drowning? Where? What's the address?

- Fox Pointe.

- Fox Pointe.

- Battalion 1, Engine 12, Engine 5 Metagate. Robert 21, Truck 6. Battalion 1, Engine 12, Engine 5 Metagate, Robert 21, Truck 6 for a water rescue at 2040 Fox Pointe drive.

- Water rescue. 2040 Fox Pointe drive. We have a 9-year-old that fell in the water, and they're not able to get out. Battalion 1, Engine 12, Engine 5 Metagate, Robert 21, Truck 6. Water rescue at 2040 Fox Pointe drive.


- Over here. Over here.


- Hey grab rescue kids. They're about 15 feet in the middle.



- 06 checking on me.

- Where are you? We're in the water.


- I'm sorry. What's that?



- Give that to him.

- Hey, right there.


- Behind you. Behind you. Hold on, grab it.

- Pull it.

- You got one right here Lopez.

- Pull, pull.

- Pull. Come on. Let's go.

- Coming through. We got [INAUDIBLE].

- Come on. Come on.


- Yeah, we got 'em out of the water.

- Get out of the water.

- Here, come on.

- Come on.

- Hey buddy.

- Come on everybody. Let's go.


- I'm not going to go.

- Yeah, you. Come on. Come on. Ready?


- One, two, three. Up. Come on. Keep going.

- Up.

- And I thought my son was not going to be two see Thanksgiving. Somebody was out there to call 911 [INAUDIBLE], and I want to thank the little boy and his parents out there as well. And I want to thank all the people who rescued him out there.