'I'm 73 with a toyboy, 39 - he treats me like a queen and does all the chores'

Meet the 73-year-old grandmother living with her 39-year-old toy boy - who does all the cooking and cleaning.

Christine Haycox met her now husband Hamza Dridi, online in January 2018 and fell head over heels in love. In March 2018, the mum-of-two went on a two-week holiday to visit her beau at his home in Nabeul, Tunisia - and has been living there with him ever since.

The smitten couple got married two years later, in an intimate ceremony at Hamza's family home surrounded by twenty guests. Christine converted to Islam to support her new husband and they have spent the last three years enjoying married life together.


Christine claims that Hamza treats her "like a Queen" by doing all the cooking and won't allow her to touch the washing machine. The devoted duo now hope to raise money for Hamza's visa, so that he can meet Christine's family in the UK.

Christine, a retired teacher and grandmother of two, from Rotherham, said: "He's gorgeous, he can't do enough for me. We just laugh all the time together.

"It was definitely love at first sight - I wanted a kiss at the airport, but you can't show affection in public in Tunisia. I can't explain the love we have, it's just wonderful."

Christine first met Hamza after posting an ad on Facebook offering to teach English as a foreign language. Hamza contacted Christine, who is also fluent in French, and signed up to her online lessons.

Christine, who was previously married, said: "I used to teach English to refugees and asylum seekers. I had lots of responses, and some inappropriate pictures too.

"But Hamza was lovely and we got chatting online. There was an instant spark between us."

Three months later, Christine booked a two-week holiday to Tunisia to meet Hamza in person. The trip went so well that Christine never returned to the UK and has spent the last six years living in Tunisia.

Christine said: "Hamza was so nice and so kind to me. We went for walks along the beach, and he took me out for lovely dinners.

"He even took me to a discotheque, and we went dancing!"

Christine and Hamza enjoy a healthy and active sex life, enjoying romps up to six times a week. "He's a hot-blooded Tunisian!" Christine explained.

"We have sex more than most. I've been to lots of countries around the world, and I've never seen a country with so many good-looking men.

"I need a replacement hip, but other than that my age doesn't hold me back in the bedroom."

Hamza and Christine tied the knot on 31st December 2020 in a small traditional ceremony in Hamza's family home in Manouba, Tunisia. Christine wore a traditional Tunisian dress, and Hamza's second cousin Miriam Beoui, 17, did her hair, manicure and pedicure for her big day.

After the ceremony, Hamza and Christine treated themselves to two nights at the Menara hotel, Hammamet, Tunisia. "It was magic, it was New Years Eve so there was music and special food at the hotel." Christine said.

Despite the 34-year age gap, Christine says her family have been very supportive of her new life with Hamza. Her son, who is four years older than her spouse, even travelled to Tunisia in 2020, to spend four days with the happy couple.

Christine said: "My son knows I'm a bit crazy anyway. My family have been really supportive.

"They can see how happy I am. My friends have been amazing, Hamza speaks to my friends all the time, so they can see how good we are together.

"Hamza and I have our own home together, and I've never been happier."

Christine, who now works as author, has mobility issues but Hamza has "stepped up" to help care for her as she gets older. Christine said: "He takes care of me.

"Physically I'm not so good, I need a hip replacement and have to walk with a stick. But Hamza cares for me, he does all the cooking and cleaning.

"He doesn't like my food, he calls it 'alien' and so he does all the cooking himself. My favourite it his lasagna.

"And he loves the washing machine! He won't let me touch it or do any laundry."

Christine, who has always had an interest in Islam, converted to join her husband's faith in 2020. She claims that "life is much better" now that she is living her life as a Muslim and as Hamza's wife.

Christine said: "I'd already had an interest in Islam and had been thinking about converting for 15 years. When I went out to visit Hamza, I already had an English Quran.

"I believe Allah has a plan for everyone and this was meant to happen. Being with Hamza was his plan for me."

Hamza said: "She's my queen. I love my new life and new responsibilities."