I'm a dietitian on the Mediterranean diet. Here are 12 things I'm buying at Target right now.

I'm a dietitian on the Mediterranean diet. Here are 12 things I'm buying at Target right now.

Target's home decor is to die for, and its sundress selection is always impressive — it's no wonder I find myself there more and more once spring has sprung.

But beyond the pastel clothing and holiday decorations, the store has an impressive grocery section, especially if you're like me and don't love to spend a ton of time cooking.

As a dietitian, I follow the Mediterranean diet, which has been named the healthiest way to eat by US News & World Report for years. Luckily, Target stocks plenty of the staples I need to stick to it.

Here are 12 things I'm buying at Target this spring to welcome the season and keep things fresh.

Good & Gather organic rainbow quinoa is great for springtime salads.

hand reaching for good and gather organic rainbow quinoa on the shelf at target
Quinoa is a great source of whole grains and fiber. Lauren Manaker

Whole grains, like quinoa, are a staple in the Mediterranean diet.

Once the weather starts to warm up, I like to make big grain-based salads that I can keep in the fridge for easy meals.

My go-to is cooked quinoa with diced cucumber, bell pepper, onion, and parsley tossed with olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper.

I love avocados all year, but more outdoor dining calls for more guac.

hand holding up an avocado in a target
Avocados find their way into a lot of my spring meals. Lauren Manaker

Since the Mediterranean diet emphasizes healthy fats, avocados are a natural addition as a source of monounsaturated fatty acids.

Plus, the unsaturated fat in avocados can act as a nutrient booster by helping to increase the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, K, and E.

I love having avocados on hand as a satisfying addition to sandwiches, salads, and so much more. And when snacktime rolls around in the spring and summer, I use avocados to make homemade guacamole.

No matter what season it is, I'm buying Good & Gather's organic 2% milk.

good and gather organic 2% milk in the fridge at target
My kids go through a lot of milk. Lauren Manaker

Good & Gather's organic milk comes at a great price point ($4), and it tastes fantastic too.

I have growing kids at home, so milk is a must in my fridge all year round to support bone health with calcium.

A glass of good red wine is a wonderful spring treat.

hand holding up a bottle of malbec red wine in a target
It's OK to drink wine (in moderation) on the Mediterranean diet.Lauren Manaker

Yes, I drink wine as a dietitian.

The Mediterranean diet allows for moderate consumption of red wine, so it's a natural fit. I only ever have one glass (and most days are booze-free).

When springtime entertaining opportunities arise, malbec is my go-to.

I add plain yogurt to smoothies.

hand holding up a tub of plain dannon whole milk yogurt
Plain yogurt is perfectly tart and tangy. Lauren Manaker

The Mediterranean diet centers on nutrient-dense, fermented foods, and yogurt is one of my favorites.

I love having plain yogurt in the fridge for springtime smoothies that help me meet my daily quota of fruits and veggies.

I love the gut benefits (and fun flavors) of Olipop.

hand holding up a can of watermelon lime olipop at a target
Olipop is a tasty prebiotic soda with added fiber. Lauren Manaker

Olipop's watermelon-lime prebiotic soda is perfect for warmer weather and outdoor hangs.

I wish my family ate enough fiber every day, but that simply doesn't happen consistently. Since the soda provides 9 grams of prebiotic fiber a can, I'm happy to offer it in my home to support gut health.

I sprinkle a little ground beef into our diets.

hand holding up a package of good and gather organic grass fed beef at target
Ground beef is never the center of our meals, but it's a nice addition. Lauren Manaker

Beef is typically consumed in moderation in the Mediterranean diet. Some of my favorite recipes feature it as a complement to plenty of fresh produce and herbs — emphasizing its role in a balanced meal rather than making it the central focus.

With grilling season around the corner, I love making blended burgers with ground beef and mushrooms. The meat is packed with iron, and it's an easy way to sneak in more veggies.

Mushrooms are key at my barbecues.

hand holding up a container of sliced white mushrooms at target
Buying sliced mushrooms makes prep work even easier. Lauren Manaker

Speaking of, I always pick up some mushrooms at Target for my easy blended burgers.

Mushrooms are a source of ergothioneine, an antioxidant that helps to protect the body's cells from damage.

My freeze-dried fruit keeps much longer than fresh.

hand grabbing a bag of freeze dried strawberries at a target
Freeze-dried fruit is still nutritious. Lauren Manaker

There are so many fresh fruits to choose from in spring, but freeze-dried varieties are a better fit for my house.

Freeze-dried fruit can be just as nutritious as fresh but with a far longer shelf life — and my kiddo loves snacking on it.

There's nothing like an iced green tea on a spring day.

boxes of organic green tea on the shelves at a target
I like to infuse my iced tea with fruit and herbs. Lauren Manaker

Green tea isn't a typical staple on the Mediterranean diet, but I like to drink it all year for its antioxidant benefits.

As the weather warms, I start to reach for iced tea. Occasionally, I'll also add some mint or strawberries to allow the additional natural flavor to seep into the beverage.

Pickles are a great fit for the Mediterranean diet.

hand holding up a tub of grillo pickels at a target
Pickles are a great snack all on their own. Lauren Manaker

Pickles can be a part of Mediterranean cuisine, depending on the region you're modeling your diet after. They're made from cucumbers, and the Grillo brand leans heavily on dill, garlic, and other herbs and spices.

I love putting pickles out on a nice dish for springtime entertaining. And they're a great addition to tuna and chicken salads.

Cauliflower wings are a go-to movie snack.

hand holding up a box of wholly veggie buffalo cauliflower wings
Cauliflower wings are a great plant-based alternative. Lauren Manaker

Cauliflower wings are a fun way to include more veggies in my family's diet while we are watching a movie on the couch or entertaining friends.

We love chicken wings, but deep-fried meats aren't really part of the Mediterranean diet. The veggie version is a great plant-based alternative that still gives us the same vibe.

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