'I'm going down fighting!' How Halle Berry combats ageing

Halle Berry reveals how she combats ageing credit:Bang Showbiz
Halle Berry reveals how she combats ageing credit:Bang Showbiz

Halle Berry has "accepted" that she is ageing.

The 57-year-old actress has vowed to "go down fighting" with regards to her complexion and combats the signs of age with probiotic supplements to stay healthy but has had to learn how to "accept" the process of getting older.

Speaking during an Instagram Live, she said: " I am ageing though. Girl. Let me tell you, I'm ageing but I'm going down fighting. I'm going to accept that ageing. I'm gonna keep doing all my supplements. Probiotics are a big part of that to metabolize my food and my sugars better so that I stay healthy. That's how we fight that in 2023."

The Oscar-winning star - who is now the Chief Communications Officer of Pendulum Therapeutics - went on to joke that she is "pretty much a pharmacy" as she admitted that she does not consume processed sugar and tries to eat well as well as take a host of other vitamins all in an effort to stay healthy.

She added: "I take so many I take some a good multivitamin by Thorne that I really really love. I take all of my Pendulum products. I take something from my thyroid I take something from my adrenals you know I take all different all different kinds of things that sort of keep me going take calcium from my bones. You know as we go down that path of life, we want to make sure we take I take a good amount of C good amount of A, all the B complexes I take, you know, so I'm pretty much a pharmacy over here.

"But you know, and I also try to eat well, because I also think that you really get your best source of vitamins to healthy food. So I do also, you know, make sure I'm getting all of my healthy greens, I eat healthy amount of protein, as you all know, I am diabetic, so I don't do carbs, I don't do processed sugars, you know, things like that."