'I'm Good, Baby': Singer Lewis Capaldi Talks About Tourette Diagnosis at Belfast Concert

Singer Lewis Capaldi addressed his Tourette syndrome diagnosis at a concert in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on Sunday, January 29, telling fans: “I’m good, baby. I’m up here, I’m good.”

Capaldi can be heard telling the crowd: “You might see me twitching a little bit up here. Nothing to be worried about – I have Tourette’s.”

The announcement is met with cheers before the singer continues: “I’m absolutely fine, everything’s good, I just twitch a little bit.”

He told fans “it’s not all bad,” since he gets a parking pass.

Capaldi first announced his diagnosis in September 2022. Credit: _jademichellec via Storyful

Video transcript

LEWIS CAPALDI: Just before we go any farther, I want to make it clear to everybody. You may see me twitching a little bit up here. No-- nothing to be worried about.


I have-- I have Tourette's. I have Tourette's.


Thank you for cheering my disability.


[INAUDIBLE]. Some guy comes up. Hey, I got a wheelchair. Everybody's like, woo! What the [MUTED] are you doing? Yeah, no. So I have Tourette's. I'm absolutely fine. Everything's good. I just twitch a little bit. And it kind of looks like I'm dancing. But trust me, my dancing is much, much, much more sexual.


So just-- just to put everyone's mind at ease, I'm good, baby. I'm up here. I'm good.


And it's not all bad. I also get a parking pass.


I've got to deal when I'm not really ticking, I get some dirty looks when I park in the spots. But rest assured, I am allowed. Right.