'I'm a gran who wears shorts with pride – older women shouldn't be embarrassed'

Jacqueline Hooton
Jacqueline Hooton loves showcasing her beauty -Credit:hergardengym/Instagram

A grandma is wearing her shorts with pride – despite many trolls telling her not to.

West Sussex-based Jacqueline Hooton, 61, has had her fair share of cruel remarks on social media. Jacqueline, who can lift twice her body weight in spite of her osteoarthritis, motivates other females to improve their strength.

As a personal trainer, she promotes the concept that maintaining an amazing physique at any age requires dedication and hard work.

Her optimistic attitude and helpful fitness tips have resulted in her amassing an extensive list of followers on Instagram. Despite her stunning appearance and the confidence she instils in others, online trolls don't shy away from hurling negative comments her way, particularly regarding her wearing of shorts.

In a recent video, Jacqueline laughed off a comment from a keyboard warrior who claimed her knees were "about to break".

Jacqueline Hooton
She loves showing off her strength on social media -Credit:hergardengym/Instagram

The fact is, as she knows well, these knees have allowed her to live life to the fullest, whether it be through walking, exercising or participating in events like the London Marathon.

Posting on Instagram recently, she encouraged women who are self-conscious about their legs, thighs or knees not to feel embarrassed.

Jacqueline stated: "So many women think they can't wear shorts in the summer or when they exercise or when they are older. Too many women feel embarrassed or ashamed of their legs, thighs, or knees, and worried what others might say.

"Lots of women like me are standing up to ageism and body shaming. I have cellulite, thread veins that weave their way around my right thigh like a garter, and worst of all, osteoarthritis in my knees.

"But my knees aren't 'about to break'. They just need careful management which means modifying, adapting and to keep moving. And yes I wear shorts in the summer when I exercise and despite being 61.

"So buckle up, because as the mercury rises. Women of all ages and all shapes and sizes are going to be wearing shorts. Because we can! That's it, that's all the excuse we need."

Since she shared the post, more than 18,000 people liked it. Many can't get over the cruel comments Jacqueline receives – as it's pretty easy to see most people think she looks amazing.

One said: "Imagine being a literal GODDESS and still have to explain to men this stuff. Absolutely in awe of you.

"I don't know why you even bother to address these haters my friend. You look better and are in better shape than 80% of them."

Another added: "My 61 years knees, snap crackle AND pop! My shoulders hurts and hip hurt. My joints ache in the mornings. But they as hike up mountains, backpack and camp in the backcountry and more."