'I'm a hairdresser - you're making one crucial mistake when it comes to shampoo'

Hair washing
People have said that the tip makes 'such a difference' to their hair -Credit:Getty Images

If you have long or thick hair, you'll know that washing it can be a gargantuan task - not to mention the styling that inevitably follows a shower.

So it could come as a disappointment to find out that you could be skipping a crucial step in the washing process that makes it take even longer to do.

However, it's said to create 'instant' results, so if you really want salon-worthy locks then it's worth considering. The tip went viral after it was shared by a hairdresser on X, formerly known as Twitter, with many admitting they had never tried it out for themselves.

The Mirror reports that @Felicityynicole posted in 2022 that apparently not everyone knows that they should be shampooing twice.

She explained: "The first time will cleanse the hair of all the oils and product build up so that when you do it for the second time the shampoo can actually do what it's intended to do.

"Also, only apply shampoo to the scalp and when you rinse it will run through the middle and the ends. Then only apply conditioner to the middle and ends of your hair, and use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to detangle in the shower while conditioner is on. And lastly remember to only wash your hair 2-3 times a week because too much washing can cause more build up and damage to the hair."

People on social media were soon keen to try it out, and some even had instant results - so they rushed to thank Felicity for the tip.

One person said: "So I saw this yesterday and decided to try your two times shampoo advice when I washed my hair tonight... Omg THANK YOU! My hair honestly feels better now! I can't believe what a difference that made—or that I'm 26 and just finally learned the right way to wash my hair from a Tweet."

Felicity replied to say: "I'm so glad it helped!!! Keep it up and you will notice such a big difference." Another wrote: "WHAT. MIND. BLOWN. This is the stuff they should teach us in school, damnit!" While a third added: "This is how we should be washing our faces too! First wash gets rid of makeup/oil/sunscreen and second wash actually cleanses your skin!"

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