I'm not chasing love, says Glen Powell

Glen Powell is "not chasing love".

The 35-year-old actor has enjoyed a meteoric rise in recent years, and Glen insists he's currently too focused on his career to find love.

He told 'CBS Mornings': "This is a time where life is moving so fast that I don’t even know if I could bring someone into it … in a healthy way, even if I tried."

Despite this, Glen acknowledged that his attitude could change if he manages to find the "right person".

The Hollywood star explained: "For the right person, I think that’s right."

Glen would ultimately love to find his dream girl and start a family one day.

He shared: "If love comes and hits me in the face and knocks me over, I welcome it with open arms because that’s something I really want. You know, it’s like - even just being with my niece and nephew today, it’s like, I really want kids.

"I really want that phase of life. It’s not far away. And at the same time, I realise [that] it’s going to take a very specific type of person to navigate this [lifestyle]. It’s a lot."

Glen previously suggested that fame has complicated his love life.

The actor - who split from Gigi Paris in 2023 - told Bustle magazine: "I've been talking to some people in my life and they're like, 'Glen, you're a single guy. I know you're trying to do all the right things in all the right ways, but you just have to embrace that those failures will be a little more public, a little more hurtful than maybe most people, maybe a little more embarrassing, but it's okay. But when you're going to fall, and you will inevitably fall in love, it'll work.'"