'I'm a professional travel advisor - I'd never wear these five things on a plane'

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A travel expert has said that there are five items that she would never wear to an airport - and you shouldn't either.

Sharing her advice on Instagram, Sarah Sharp known as @sarahgoesbananas, who specialises in travel planning, listed five items of clothing, including a type of shoe, that she would always "avoid wearing on any flight."

So whether you are flying short or long-haul, you may want to listen up. Read below to see what you need to avoid on your next flight and why.

What should you avoid wearing on a plane?

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1. Jeans

When you are spending hours in a seat, it's better to wear a stretchy waistband.

2. Lace up shoes

If you wear slip on shoes, getting though security will be much easier especially if you have kids or are travelling with a larger group.

3. A jumpsuit or romper

Sarah says: "I love a one piece outfit for easy style points, but the love affair ends the moment I step into an airplane bathroom. The thought of my outfit resting in a puddle on the floor is an immediate no."

4. Short sleeves

If you are flying to a sunny destination you may think a short sleeve is best, but layers are actually key.

Sarah explains: "This one is tempting, since I’m usually sweating profusely by the time I’ve jogged to my gate and hoisted my bag into the overhead. But 20 minutes later, my teeth are chattering and the cabin feels frosty. Layers are key so you can regulate your body temperature at your own pace."

5. Anything white

Airplane seats may not be the cleanest and nobody wants to get their whites dirty. Try avoiding this colour, if you can.

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